30 Minute Full Body HIIT Tabata Style | 8 Week Shred Episode 3

Hope you are ready to sweat!!
Don’t forget to Warm up First ♡Bikini Fit Warm Ups HERE
And you can Cooldown Here
Episode 1 – Glute workout 
Episode 2 – Competition abs
Episode 3 – Full Body Hiit
Episode 4 – Coming soon as soon as it’s LIVE in the website I will send out an email notification make sure to sign up for the emails that so you don’t miss it! www.bikinifit.com
Episode 5 – Coming soon
Episode 6- Coming soon
Episode 7 – Coming soon
Episode 8 – Coming soon ♡
Once the full layout is ready you will get a notification for the 8-week full shred!
ps- the videos themselves are not the full shred more to come!! xo
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4 more videos coming in this series! Stay tuned!

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