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Chin ups are one of the toughest exercises for women! If you find doing your own bodyweight too challenging, what I have found helpful is jumping up and go down for slow using the back muscles/biceps to slowly lower me. If this is still to challenging use the Assist Chin Up Machine. If you are at home you can substitute this move for a 1 arm bent over row (go heavy)

Now lets go get that Back Baby! 🙂

Equipment Required

At the gym: Chin Up Bars (Wide, narrow or medium grip), Back Extension Machine

At home: Dumbbells and a mat Make sure to have your cell phone timer or a time piece to keep track of your time!

The Workout

The goal is to do 10 rounds 10x’s! Challenge yourself! This is a tough workout. 🙂 Post your time and challenge one of your BFF friends to beat your time!

  • 10x Chin ups
  • 10x Back extensions (you can add a weighted plate if you want)
  • 10 Rounds for TIME!

Beginner Intermediate Modifications and at home modifications

For beginners doing a full chin up may be too difficult. I recommend the Assist Machine.

NOTE: Remember the heavier you set the weight the lighter the resistance on those machines.

If you are at home you can always substitute the back extension machine for “supermans” on a mat. If you want to make the back extensions more difficult you can always add a weight.

INSTEAD OF CHIN UPS → Jump up negative Chin ups → or Assist Chin Up Machine → or at home 1 arm bent over dumbbell row

INSTEAD OF BACK EXTENSION MACHINE → Big Ball Back Extensions (at home) or “supermans”

Superman On Mat

  1. Laying flat on a mat, feet slightly wider than hip width apart, hands behind the head or out in front of you, if you want a longer leaver.
  2. Arching your back, bring your feet and legs up off the mat and your upper body and chest up off the mat as well. Feel the extension in your back and tighten your glutes. keeping your legs tight. Come back down to the starting position. Repeat for reps.

6617 Superman on mat copy

6624 Superman on mat long leaver copy

You girls ready to get SuperAwesome!?

Join the #bffchallenge today! It’s Fun, Free and Full of Surprises! 🙂  Get Fit, Win Prizes!


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How to do your “CHECK IN” Post on Facebook
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