Back Exercises and Workout Challenges

SAY GOODBYE TO THAT STUBBORN BACK FAT with this at home fat blasting workout challenges using a kettlebell or a dumbbell and a mat. You can also add ankle weights and light dumbbells for the supermans exercise to make it harder. The gym options are at the end of the video so check those out if you prefer to gym it!


Do a 5-10 minute warm up before beginning the challenge or go for a quick walk around the block

Workout Challenges are optional for all Members
The Workout challenges are intended to boost fat burning potential ladies! So I like to keep them in at least 1x per week and change up the body part of focus:

10 Rounds 10 reps of each exercise (start your timer) (get water handy and take sips and breaks as needed)

One Arm Row
Supermans Exercise


Commonly Asked Q’s:

How do I sign up for the next challenge?!

Next challenge starts August 1, 2018 and will be going until August 30th ( I know it says 31 on FB but that was a type sorry! And then planning again to start on September 1, 2018 EACH month we plan on running a 30 day challenge. Details of dates are always emailed out to members)

How often should I do the challenge workout?

I recommend trying this today and then coming back to this workout challenge in about another month. You don’t want to over do the same back exercises. Give it a break and try again in another month to see your improvements. Good luck !


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