Before The Fort McMurray Fire Episode 1.


In this video I do a Legs Day Workout about 11 minutes into the video, breaking down all the tips and tricks I can think of during the leg workout.

I know a lot of you are more interested in the workouts and diet tips but this is a glimpse into my life in fort mcmurray before the Fort McMurray fire about 6 weeks before the fire. All of us unsuspecting of what was going to happen.

That being said this is a day 6 weeks before the fire in fort mcmurray and what I was up to in my daily life, minding my own business. Looking back not sure I would have done anything differently silly as that may sound. Life is precious and we should be enjoying each moment.

If you are here for the Bikini Fit workout I have to say I love my legs workout! I train legs 2-3x per week.

For the workout: 3-4 sets 10-15 reps each

Legs Day Workout:

1. Split Squat
2. Single Leg Deadlift
3. Deadlift Burpee combo or just a deadlift
4.Reverse hack squat
5. Single leg reverse hack squat
6. Incline leg press
7. Calf raise using leg press machine
8. Plie squat using leg press machine

Hope you guys enjoyed! More Bikini Fit episodes to come. I started shooting video before the fire determined to get my youtube launched. And it continues into a prep for a competition I did in Alberta, Canada. SUBSCRIBE to my Channel to see all the videos as they come out!


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All photos are by Destiny Ezurs
Instagram: @destinyezurs

Outfit in photoshoots tops by @higherhealthyoga in fort mcmurray

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