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Bikini Fit Fitness - Booty Blast Round 1

This challenge is bound to HIIT your Glutes! This is a fairly tough Challenge Workout. If you are a newbie, it’s all good. We have modifications for at home and new BFF girls down the page. Don’t give up… give it all you got!  You can add this to your regular leg day or do it on its own. Make sure that you haven’t trained legs within 48 hours of this workout.

You can build your booty by HIIT-ing it right!

Are you ready to challenge them glutes? 😉

Equipment Required

At The Gym: Smith Machine
At home: Dumbbells and a lot of Enthusiasm!!!

The Workout

For your “Challenge Check In” tell us your TOTAL TIME it took to complete this workout!

Remember this is a challenge based on “Participation”  NOT on the “Winning Time”.

For example: Post it took ___minutes and ___seconds! Fill in the blanks! (keep it real and keep it honest!)  Good luck and get ready to kick your own butt! Can’t wait to hear about your results! 

Do this workout 10 ROUNDS FOR TIME (or as many rounds as you can)

  • 10x Smith Machine Squat
  • 10x Smith Machine Split lunge each leg (Make sure to step forward and tap the floor by the other foot. Do all reps on the same leg.)

Beginner Intermediate Modifications And At Home Modifications

Take this at your own pace! Take breaks when you need to. If you are a beginner you can modify this by cutting it off at your MAX (Do 3, 4 or 5 rounds instead) or if you are training at home check below…

INSTEAD OF SMITH MACHINE SQUATS → Squats with dumbbells or squats without weights (at home option)

INSTEAD OF SMITH MACHINE SPLIT LUNGE → Split lunge with dumbbells (to make it easier up and down only) to make it more challenging, step back lunge step forward and tap (repeat all on same leg)

Split Lunge, Back Foot on the Floor (dumbbells or smith machine)


  1. Start in a standing position, carefully extend one foot back and place it on the floor behind you with the toes curled under. Make sure to inch your forward foot forward enough so when you come down into the lunge position your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle and your upper thigh can come down so it’s parallel with the floor. You may need to adjust your forward foot to get this position. Hands are out to the side with or without weights.
  2. To begin, bend your front knee, lower your body straight down toward the ground until your thigh is about parallel to the floor. Your knee should come down to bend at about a 90 degree angle.
  3. Press through the heel of your front leg and squeeze your glutes as you return to starting position with your legs split in a standing position. Repeat for reps and then switch legs.

Note: This is a beginner move. To make it more difficult you can add weight or do this using the smith machine. For beginners or all levels: If you need to take a break go for it! You can take your time and take more breaks if you need to. Remember, this is YOUR challenge. How you do in the challenge is based on PARTICIPATION and CHECKING IN — not on how your time was. Get out there and get moving! Good luck and don’t forget to post your time. We love seeing your awesome progress! 



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