Cardio Queen Challenge // Cardio Training For A Bikini Fit Body

Bikini Fitness BFF Challenge Workout Cardio Queen

This is as advanced a workout as you want it to be!  Check below for beginner and intermediate options. You can attack this workout in different environments. It doesn’t have to be just at the gym… You can do this workout at home, on the track, on the beach or in the woods!

Equipment Required

You will need either a treadmill or a distance measuring device either an app or your watch (one that tracks distance) You will also need a skipping rope (or you can always pull out your imaginary skipping rope) and a lot of energy!

The Workout

Do this challenge for TIME: EX. For your CHALLENGE CHECK IN POST. Tell us your total time to complete this workout! Remember this is a challenge based on “PARTICIPATION” NOT on the “winning” time. For example it took 23 minutes 47 seconds! (keep it real and keep it honest!)  Good luck and push yourself! Yay excited to see how you girls pull through!

  • Run 0.25 miles
  • 50 burpees
  • Run 0.25 miles
  • 200 jump ropes
  • Run 0.25 miles
  • 50 jump squats

Beginner/Intermediate Modification and At Home Options

Instead of running → walk or jog.

Instead of burpees → jumping jacks or slow jacks (a slow jack is a low impact jumping jack do the movement by stepping out not jumping).

Instead of Jump Ropes →  fake it til you make it! 😉 Use your imaginary skipping rope.

Instead of Jump Squats → body weight squats or weighted squats.

Remember, this is is YOUR challenge. How you do in the challenge is based on PARTICIPATION and CHECKING IN not on how your time was. Get out there and get moving! Good luck and don’t forget to post your time. We love seeing your awesome progress!

Join the #bffchallenge today! It’s Fun, Free and Full of Surprises! 🙂 Get Fit, Win Prizes!


How to do your “CHECK IN” Post on IG
Hashtag  #bffchallenge #thebikinimodelcookbook and tell us how many Rounds you got in. Tag @bikinifitfitness @bikinimodelcook and tag us in the photo as well! (This makes it easier for us to find you.) We love seeing your progress! Tag a gal pal and challenge her to beat you 😉 it’s no fun doing it alone PLUS maybe you can find a new accountability partner to help keep you Focused on your goal

If you don’t use Instagram…(It’s time that you do. All the cool kids are doing it!)

How to do your “CHECK IN” Post on FB
Hashtag  #bffchallenge #thebikinimodelcookbook and tell us how many rounds you did! Tag @Bikini Fit Fitness and @The Bikini Model Cookbook on Facebook in your post and tag us in the photo as well! We love seeing your progress!

Prizes are not based on your speed/time or rounds …this challenge is based on participation! Good luck! Xo


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