First Female Pilot To Bring Meatballs Into The Cockpit, Bikini Fitness Arms Exercises For Women


Happy Fri-YAY!

You may not know this about me but in addition to my modeling and fitness career, I am also a pilot! I often get asked how I maintain a healthy diet and find the time to go to the gym. Honestly, life can be pretty chaotic but one thing I learned is that I have to be creative and prioritize! In my video below you will get a preview of what that looks like! This is the first in a series of My Bikini Diary. Sharing with you the DETAILS of how I personally train and how I train my clients to shape up and stay in shape!
Click HERE to see the full video.
I want to challenge you today to think about your personal goals and ways that you can be more creative in order to achieve them. You owe it to yourself to invest in YOU!
So take some time today to evaluate what you are doing and see if there’s room for improvement or modification. I’d also love to hear about the creative things that work for you to help others in our community! Feel free to share any ideas on my Personal Facebook page Caithleen Heffernan and keep in touch!
Sending you positive thoughts today 😉
Stay Motivated!
Caithleen & The Bikini Fit Team
P.S. It’s almost The WEEKEND!!
P.S.S Courtney and I plan on having the Vegan update out by the end of the year!! That means MORE Tasty Recipes for Members!
P.S.S Courtney and I always make duck faces when we fly 😉

I want to SHARE WITH YOU what my days look like and how I EAT and TRAIN around different events and to stay fit all year around. ALL MEMBERS get exclusive access to my MYFITNESS Pal.  If you don’t know what My Fitness Pal is (you need to get on there!!) I hope these videos inspire you to make healthier choices for YOU!

My Fitness Pal is an App and Website and it’s what the #bffchallenge girls are using to track their diets. I’m sharing what I EAT DAILY and we can be friends on there. I can also see what YOU are eating once we become friends. This is the #1 tool for tracking MACROS!


If you are looking for help getting to your goals Contact me at [email protected] I’d love to help!


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