Fit Test, How Fit Are You Really?

How Fit are YOU really?

What is a “Fit Test”?

The “Official” Definition: A Fit Test is a measure of fitness, so you have a reference point from which you can look back to see how YOU have progressed over time. We will be coming back to this test each month to see how you are doing! YAY aren’t you excited?!

 ;) Be prepared for a tough workout!

If you are a Beginner go at your own pace. This is not a competition…. it’s just to see how you are progressing over time, from this point forward.

I would recommend doing the Fit Test 1x per month at the beginning of the month to see if you are in fact getting STRONGER, FASTER and essentially FITTER. This workout hits all body parts. Its best to take a rest day (from weights) before attempting the Fit Test!

Instructions: You are going to do each exercise one after the other as quickly as you can. Go at your own pace. You are in competition with ONLY yourself. (WORKOUT BELOW)

If you are at home you can use 2 dumbbells for weight. Choose your weight and record it. If this is too light or heavy the goal is to track what you CAN do. The ultimate goal is to get Stronger, Faster, Meaner… and track your progress over time.

Do a light warm up on the heavier lifts do 10 reps with light weight to get the body warmed up. If you do more than 20 reps for an exercise it is time to up the weight for  next months “Fit Test”. Stop at 20 reps thats enough. Up the weight!

Make sure to record the weight used_____and reps completed____

Start the timer: (include your warm up and cool down in the time it will add 10 mins to the workout no biggie this is to track using your fitness pal for calories for the day)

Warm up 5 mins, walk or jog in place, bike up to you!

1. Run, jog or walk 1 mile as fast as you can = _____

You may want to do a 5 min cool down after your 1 mile run (highly recommended) of walking before getting into the lifting.

2. Pull ups (as many as you can without pausing more than 3 secs if the “man pullups” are too difficult use the assisted chip up machine and set weight that works for you just be sure to record what that is for reference)= ___

At Home Option: Bent Over One Arm Row (as many as you can do) = ___

3. Push ups (as many of them as you can do, the “man” kind if not go on your knees, you will work up to this eventually)=___

4. Biceps Curls ( as many as you can do)= ____

5. Triceps cable pressdowns  (as many as you can do)= _____

At Home Option: Bent over dumbbell kickbacks (as many as you can do) ____ or Triceps pushups (as many as you can do) ______

6. Overhead dumbbell press (as many as you can do)= _____

7. Walking lunges  (as many as you can do)=  _____

8. Burpees (as many as you can do)= ____

Beginner Option: Jumping Jacks

9. Full Sit ups (as many as you can do)= ____

Beginner Option: Crunches = ____

10. Plie Squat (as many as you can do)= ____

11. Plank Hold in push up position(as long as you can hold)= ____(time in seconds)

Beginner Option: Plank with Elbows and knees on the floor = _____(time)

12. Squats (as many as you can do)= ____

13. Big Ball Hamstring Curls (as many as you can do)= ____

At Home Option: Dumbbell Dead lifts= ____


5 minute cool down and stretch! 


Total time= ______ (this includes the warm up at the beginning and end)

NOTE not all times will be indicative of the speed or strength this is mostly to know how long you trained for so you can enter it to My Fitness Pal for the day for your calories. Keep this paper in your journal for next month! Great job for getting through todays BFF Challenge workout!

How did it go? Next month use the same weight and see how you’ve improved!

It’s not as easy as it looks on paper when you push yourself to the max! Good luck Challengers! And be sure to “Check In” today with a POST with your TOTAL TIME! #bffchallenge

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