Glutes Focused Workout


This challenge is intense and short in duration. You may want to add this workout into your other leg program or do it as it’s own “leg day” on it’s own up to you!

You can do this workout at home or at the gym. You may need ankle weights at home and I’d recommend heavy ones if you want to grow that booty! 😉 Big booties are in if you haven’t heard…that means you need to EAT! Make sure to fuel your body with healthy nutrition after each workout. I’d recommend eating within 60 minutes of your workout.

Now lets challenge them glutes!

Equipment required

Cable machine with a foot attachment or at home option ankle weights.

The Workout

10 sets of 10 reps PLUS (bonus) 10 mini pulses at the top! #boom Tell us your time, and challenge a friend to try it!

  • Bent over glute kickbacks using a cable machine 10 reps plus 10 mini pulses, 10x each leg
  • Right Leg, then Left Leg = 1 SET (NO slackin’)

Beginner Intermediate Modifications And At Home Mods

INSTEAD OF WEIGHT → NO Weight, if you want

INSTEAD OF CABLE MACHINE  → Ankle weights at home

For beginners or all levels: If you need to take a break, go for it! The mini pulses at the top are optional if you want it. Remember this is YOUR challenge. How you do in the challenge is based on PARTICIPATION and “CHECKING IN” not on how your time was. Get out there and get moving! Good luck and don’t forget to “Check In” with your time. We love seeing your awesome progress!


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Prizes are NOT based on your TIME, this challenge is based on PARTICIPATION! Good luck! Xo





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