Goal Setting For The Year

It’s a New Year. Time to rethink our goals and refocus!


2018, 2019 and 2020 will also be amazing….it will just require a little consistent focus. We are simply becoming more fabulous as we age!

I know New Years Resolutions have a hard time sticking over time.That’s why you have to re-evaluate regularly using the monthly goals and weekly goals, pay attention to your goals and keep them somewhere visible to remind you of them.

Get a notebook that you love and set your Goals for 2016 today

Here are some questions BFF’s find helpful in goal setting or getting clear about what it is they really want. Ask YOURSELF these questions….

1. a) What am I grateful for about my body right now? (Name at least 4-10)


b) What do I REALLY want for my body this year? ( Name 4-5 main points)


2. What would I regret if I didn’t achieve this?



4. a) What final result am I really looking for? How do I want to be in 1 year from now, 5 years, 10-20 years from now?

b)Is there anything I’m doing that is conflicting with my goals? What am I going to do to change it?

5. How am I planning on achieving my goals this year? Whats the plan? (Be specific about your nutrition and workout and lifestyle plans.)

Time to break it up into “To Do’s” your going to KILL IT!

What can I do Today to move towards these goals?

What can I do this week to move towards these goals?

What can I do this month to move towards these goals?

What can I do this quarter to move towards these goals?


Is there anything BIG coming up in this time frame that you need to be ready for? Weddings, parties, events, trips, reunions, photo shoots etc..

Jan -March:

April- June:

July -Sept:

Oct- Dec:


6. Now write down your top 4-5 goals one more time on a separate piece of paper. At the bottom of this piece of paper Sign your name.


Goals #1




I _________am committed to achieving these goals THIS YEAR 2017! And I will look at this sheet EVERY Week as a reminder!

Place it somewhere where you can see it for best results!

If you are doing the #bffchallenge Post a  Selfie of YOU and Your Goals TODAY on the FB private wall. We will be here to hold you accountable! (If you are starting late that’s ok too you can still make up for lost time!)

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