How To Lose Fat Efficiently!

This Video Workout  is about HOW TO LOSE FAT by doing a 30 minute CARDIO WORKOUT AT HOME. The biggest thing in fat loss is making sure to get that cardio in regularly and lifting them weights! I created this video to show you how you can get a cardio workout in at home in the comfort of your living room or any other smaller space the size of a mat.


My top advice for people asking How To Lose Fat?

  • Do cardio 3-6 days per week (you can use this video 1-2 x per week if you like to mix it up).
  • Lift weights 3- 6 days per week (check out my workout videos for more ideas or BECOME A MEMBER of BikiniFit Website (best deal).
  • Eat healthy 7 DAYS per week with a “treat meal” but watch the calorie intake or spread it throughout the week. Say 1000-1500 cals max from treat types of foods or non whole foods. If you aren’t sure what Foods you SHOULD be eating grab my Grocery Guide Absolutely FREE.
  • Stay creative in the kitchen so you don’t get bored (If you are already bored checkout my Ebook The Bikini Model Cookbook there’s 150 easy healthy recipes designed for fat loss.
  •  Talk nice to yourself and remember why you started.
  •  Set weekly goals and look at them everyday.
  • Set Monthly goals and look at them every week.
  • Set Yearly goals and look at them every month.
  • And remember to love yourself no matter what you look like…because you are already created perfectly. ❤


Fasted Cardio I touched on in the video a little bit. If you aren’t sure what it is …my definition is doing cardio on an empty stomach. The best time is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I don’t personally love it but some people swear by it. The research does not prove that one is better than the other and also from my personal experience from doing multiple fitness competitions I’ve never found Fasted Cardio to make my body look better than doing it say post workout or even with a meal just before. I have friends that swear by fasted cardio , I mentioned it makes me tired all day in the video and thats why I don’t do it. I’d rather save my energy for more important things, like lifting 😉


Cardio Workout: (Fasted Cardio or Non-Fasted up to you)

Do each of 5 cardio exercises for 60 secs each repeat for 6 rounds = 30 minutes of cardio (you can do more rounds of the cardio exercises if you like to increase the time if you are planning on going longer)

– Side steps

– Jumping jacks

– Imaginary skipping rope

– Step behind step double hop

– Skaters lunge with a hop

You can take the hops out and march instead if you like. Hope you enjoy my workout routine!



Contest Prep:

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