Leg Stretches For Flexibility BIKINIFIT Hotel Workout (RELAX)


Leg stretches for flexibility and my Bikini Fit Hotel workout is going to get you feeling your best in no time! Well, 60 mins or so.

How to get more flexible is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is you got to do these stretches every week! Leg stretches for flexibility are an important part of your fitness. And your Bikinifit journey! This is the Bikini fit hotel workout. I designed this workout for tight muscles these are 13 leg stretches for soreness.

They are also leg stretches for beginners so if you are new no worries. I didn’t want to make it to complicated.

. These leg stretching exercises are great for increasing flexibility. They are great leg stretches for running. So if you are a runner this would be a great hotel workout program for you to add to your weekly routines. This stretching workout plan can be done at home or at a hotel or gym. Hotel workout stretches as it turns out works anywhere! This hotel workout video was designed last minute. Sorry for the bad video cuts! 😉


These are stretching exercises for flexibility be sure to hold for 30-120 seconds per pose. Here are the 13 Stretching exercises for flexibility LEGS: (flexibility exercises GET IT) Full stretching routine:

-Seated Hamstring Stretch – Calf Stretch -Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – Kneeling Hamstring Stretch -Glute Stretch – Downward Facing Dog – Childs Pose – Standing Quad Stretch – Side To Side Stretch – Laydown Hamstring Stretch – Laydown Glutes Stretch – Wide Leg Stretch – Seated Inner Thigh Stretch


These are my fav flexibility exercises for the legs and hips.


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