Morning Stretching Routine In Isolation Bikini Fit | Post Workout Stretches Full Body

This is 15 minutes of stretching one exercise after the other ♡

1. Eagle stretch

2. Side Stretch

3. Head tilt stretch

4. Knee pull in stretch

5. Cat cow pose

6. Laying knees side to side

7. Childs pose stretch

8. Cobra stretch pose / Sphinx pose

9. Kneeling hip flexor stretch

10. Kneeling hamstring stretch

11. Laying knee to the side 1

2. Rocking front to back / spinal roll on mat

13. seated hamstring stretch both sides same time


This completes the 12 week series at Bikini Fit Community! New series beginning very soon! Expect a couple more videos to come out and then we will get into the NEW 12 week training!


So excited to share this with you! If you complete this workout let me know by taking a selfie so i can cheer you on! #thebikinifitchallenge and tag @bikinifitcoach and @thebikinifitchallenge on IG


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