Quadzilla Challenge // Quad Exercises For a Bikini Fit Body


This is a super intense Quad HIIT Workout! You can modify the workout below if you are training at home or new to working out. Go at your own pace this is your Quadzilla Challenge!

No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it! RAWWRRR! Now, let’s HIIT those quads!

Equipment required

At the gym: Dumbbells, Leg Extention Machine, YOUR SEXY SELF!

At home: Dumbbells, YOU… you sexy Dino-freak! 😉  And a time piece to keep track of your time!

The Workout:

Do this workout 10 ROUNDS FOR TIME.

Example: For your CHALLENGE CHECK IN POST, tell us your total time to complete this workout! Remember this is a challenge based on “PARTICIPATION” NOT on the “winning” time. For example it took 23 minutes 47 seconds! (Keep it real and keep it honest!) Good luck and push yourself! Can’t wait to hear your results! 

  • 10x Narrow stance squats
  • 10x Leg extensions
  • 20x Jump squats

Beginner Intermediate Modifications and at home modifications
Take this at your own pace! Take breaks if you need to.

If you are a beginner or want to make this less intense…

INSTEAD OF NARROW SQUATS → you could do it without weight

INSTEAD OF LEG EXTENSIONS (at home modification) → runners lunge

INSTEAD OF JUMP SQUATS → body weight squats

Runners Lunge (at home mod for leg extension machine):

  1. Start in a runners position, front leg is bent at a 90 degree, back leg is lunging back with the toes curled under, hands are at both sides of the feet (imagine you are on a track and field race track about to start a race) Your front knee should be over top of your ankle and your chest hovering over your front knee. This is your starting position.
  2. Straightening your front leg slightly and lift your body up off the floor come up into a standing lunge position with your body hovering over your knee. You should feel the tension focused in your front quad, glutes and hamstrings secondary. Lower back slowly to the starting position and repeat for reps.

Variation: You can also do this exercise with weights in each hand. Instead of having your hands on the floor in the starting position you begin with the weights on the floor and your hands grasping the weights. For beginners or all levels: If you need to take a break go for it! You can take your time and take more breaks if you need to. Remember this is YOUR challenge. How you do in the challenge is based on PARTICIPATION and CHECKING IN not on how your time was. Get out there and get moving! Good luck and don’t forget to post your time. We love seeing your awesome progress! 🙂

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How to do your “CHECK IN” Post on Instagram
Hashtag #quadzilla #bffchallenge #thebikinimodelcookbook and tell us your time! tag @bikinifitfitness @bikinimodelcook and tag us in the photo as well! (This makes it easier for us to find you.) We love seeing your progress! Tag your BFF and challenge her to beat your time 😉 If you don’t use Instagram… it’s time that you do. All the cool kids are doing it!

How to do your “CHECK IN” Post on Facebook
Hashtag #quadzilla #bffchallenge #thebikinimodelcookbook and tell us your time! Tag @Bikini Fit Fitness and @The Bikini Model Cookbook on Facebook in your post and tag us in the photo as well! We love seeing your progress! <3 Tag a gal pal and challenge her to beat your time 😉 (Make sure to post on your public profile.)

Prizes are NOT based on your TIME, this challenge is based on PARTICIPATION! Good luck! Xo


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