Setting Goals For The Next 30 Days

New Years Resolutions are super hard to stick to…. over time we weaver……. That’s why you HAVE to re-evaluate regularly, EVERY 30 DAYS  to be exact …and STAY FOCUSED!

30 day goal

For best results keep your goals somewhere you can see them daily.   Coming up with a short term plan for the next 30 days IS achievable. Be SMART about your goals.

SpecificMeasurable / Action Oriented / Realistic / Time Sensitive

Get a notebook that you love and set your Goals for the next 30 days!

(You can do this with a journal OR  make a file on your computer and copy and paste the questions below and answer them fully!)

Some questions to ask yourself? ….Self?

1. What am I grateful for about my body, my health, and what I look like right now. What am I grateful about my knowledge level on health and fitness? ( list everything you can think of about what you could be grateful for right now)


2. What do I REALLY want for my body in the next 30 days? (Name at least 4-5 main goals for the next 30 days)


3. What would I regret if I didn’t follow through with my 30 day goals? How is this going to affect me for my long term health and fitness future?


4. What final result am I really looking for? (You could add your 4-5 main yearly goals again here) Where do I want to be in 5 years time, 10 years or 20 years?


5. Why do I want this? Why do I want to look like this?  Why do I want to have this as a goal  or Why do I want to do this 30 Day BFF Challenge even? How will this make my life better?


6. How are you planning on achieving your goals over the next 30 Days ?

Do you have a Meal Plan ready yet? Do you have  Recipes you want to try? Have you made a list of them? Do you have your grocery list ready? Do you have a workout plan you are going to follow and do you have it scheduled for this next week? If so what is it? What’s my plan for my macros this month? Do I have an account with My Fitness Pal? Have I had a chance to read through my whole Bikini Fit Package fully? (If not make sure that you do ASAP)

7. What can I do Today to move towards these goals?


8. What can I do this week to move towards these goals? What’s my plan this week? Have I laid it out in my agenda? How am I going to fit in my workouts and let go of my excuses?

9. What’s happening this month that might sabotage my goals? How am I going to work around them? Do I have any special events or travel coming this month? Do I need to plan my meal plans around this event or can I still fit my workouts in and eat clean? (the answer is yes the question is)  How?

10.  Now write down your TOP 4-5,  30 Day Goals one more time on a separate piece of paper. At the bottom of this paper SIGN YOUR NAME AND MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF! (You can keep it in a safe place where you can see it every day)

Example: My Top 30 Day Goals This Month ____(state month and date for later reference)

Goals #1 To eat clean as described in my 30 day challenge meal plan package

#2 To post my Checkins Daily to stay motivated and on track! #bffchallenge and TAG to qualify for prizes The Bikini Model Cookbook Facebook or

@bikinifitcoach / @_bikinifit_ on Instagram

#3 To get all my workouts done this month as described in my BFF Workout Guide.

#4 To post any “treat meals” on my Treat meal tracker and hang it on my kitchen fridge! So I remind myself these are my treats this week and NOT to go over!!

#5 Contact my BFF Challenge “Accountability Partner” Each week and check in with them too! Make sure we are both on track with our goals!

I ____(Put YOUR NAME HERE )_____am committed to achieving these goals over the next 30 days! And I will look at this sheet EVERYDAY as a reminder!

Place it somewhere where you can see it DAILY for best results!

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