Arms Workout For Women/ Toned & Sexy Arms Fast! Show Me Your Guns Challenge


OK smoke-shows it’s time to show me your guns! 🙂 This is a tough BICEPS Exercise targeted Challenge designed to give you results! Now put on your tough girl outfit and lets go!

Equipment Required

At The Gym: Preacher bench (or the back of a incline bench) and Narrow Grip Chin up bars, or Assisted Chin up machine

At home: Big Ball or the back of your couch (for the incline), dumbbells

The Workout

Do this workout 10 ROUNDS FOR TIME

Tell us how you did on Social TAG @bikinifitfitness @bikinimodelcook For your “check ins” tell us your TOTAL TIME it took to complete this workout!

Remember this is a challenge based on “PARTICIPATION” NOT on the “winning” time. TO QUALIFY FOR PRIZES YOU MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER

For example: “It took ___minutes and ___seconds!” (Fill in the blanks. Keep it real and keep it honest!) Good luck and get ready to train them biceps 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about how you could barely lift your arms to drink water after 😉

Bikini Fit Fitness - Show me your guns 1

Do this workout 10 ROUNDS FOR TIME (or as many rounds as you can)

  • 10x Incline Curl Using Dumbbells and a Preacher Bench (or back of couch like in the video)
  • 10x Narrow Grip Chin Ups

Beginner Intermediate Modifications And At Home Modifications

Take this at your own pace! Take breaks when you need to. If you are a beginner or are training at home…

INSTEAD OF PREACHER CURLS →  Dumbbells on the back of your couch or a big ball

INSTEAD OF NARROW GRIP CHIN UPS→  Dumbbell hammer curls


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