Sled Push Workout ~ High Intensity Interval Training Workout

Sled Push Workout training – High Intensity Interval Training Workout programs are my fav things to do in a bit of a rut. High intensity interval training takes your body to the next level! Sled push workout training gives you that leg burn and intensity! You burn fat and hold muscle better than any other type of training I’ve seen. This is a Sled Push and Pull workout as you push the sled when you run forward and pull the sled when you pull it backwards. Going forward targets the glutes and pulling it targets the quads. High intensity interval training     is great for fat loss.



 To do this challenge:WATCH VIDEO

Run pushing the sled 4x back and forth on the green

Squat and row/ Run Backwards 2x each way

Walking lunges with plate overhead 2x 20 reps each way = do this 3x for time!

Comment Below with your EXACT time! ♡


Think sprinters. They always are lean and muscular whereas marathon runners generally are thinner. There is a reason for that! The Prowler sled is the sled used in most gyms and you can modify the intensity by using heavier weighs on the prowler sled. The prowler sled pull targets the quadriceps and you will feel that when you pull the sled!! Quads on Fire!! Im going to be doing more sled push workout for fat loss later this month so stay tuned! The prowler sled on grass is best cause it is smoother and less noisy than on the pavement or hard surface. This hiit workout you need to share with your friends or do it with a friend! If you are looking for a hiit workout for fat loss for beginners you can just take it slow. Instead of running walk. And while pulling backwards walk it backwards and go at your own pace. As for the walking lunges you can take the overhead weight out of the walking lunge and take more breaks a needed. Sled push workout for speed is up to you! If you want to work on speed run it out fast and run backwards fast! Keep in mind form over speed however! A sled push workout alternative is using a treadmill instead of the prowler sled and using a weighted vest. Running forward for a minute then walking backwards on an incline on a treadmill to target those quads for 1 minute each. The sled push workout crossfit based workouts are designed to melt fat so don’t give up keep going. It’s intended to be fast and short and sweet ladies! High intensity interval training youtube videos are great for making plans before you hit the gym. Write down the plan and get there with the plan to be ready to go go go! Make sure to go in with your high intensity interval training workout plan and get in and out in minimum time. Because who has time to waste right?! Sled push sled pull workouts are da bomb ladies. Im so excited for you to try it and succeed at your goals! This is a high intensity interval training workout and I’m super pumped for us to crush it together! You may have heard of hiit it means high intensity interval training btw! ♡ This is a BikiniFit Challenge workout.


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