Surf Girl Style Booty Workout (GYMING IT) BIKINI FIT


Surf Girl Style Booty Workout (GYMING IT) Bikini fit Challenge workout is designed for strength and agility! Jolene Allen Wake Surf Champion is showing us her moves for getting ready for her next competition.

Surf girl style workouts you can do with a friend for this superset circuit! Surf girls unite!

Surfings is tough work that’s why Jolene stays fit-out of the water with these moves.
Are you a surfer? Give these moves a try to improve your strength and agility as well!


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Surf time! Here’s the workout:

Superset #1 15 x 4 60 sec breaks between sets
TRX pistol squats (or a variation using the bench)
Squat walks with band

Superset #2
Regular and Goofy Sprawls (10 total)
Walking lunge with plate overhead

Superset #3
Weighted ball alternating knee ups
Lunge up Step Up into a back lunge

Superset #4
Bosu ball (reversed) squats with ball toss
Wall sits

Surf girl pro takes us through her routines to stay fit before a competition.
To find Jolene her IG is @mommamisjo

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