This Weeks Goals

Every week it’s SOOOO important that you come back to this blog and ask yourself these same questions. By doing this repeatedly …you will reap the rewards! FOCUS week after week on your goals AND they won’t be able to get away from you! (Sundays are a good day for weekly journals) Make sure to get a journal to write in….your deep thoughts!

 Weekly Journal Questions/Goals For a Bikini Fit Body:

1. What did I do GOOD this week? How did I get closer to my goals? What am I grateful about this week? (Name at least 4- 10 things that you were good at…)


2. How did this week go for me with my Diet and Training? (honestly) How on point were you?


3. What are your weekly goals for your diet? What percentage of Macros are you eating using My Fitness Pal? How closely did you stick to your diet plan this week? ( if you are looking for help in this area be sure to checkout the Bikini Fit Website and BECOME A MEMBER or Contact Us for a 15 minute FREE Bikini Fit Consultation)


4.  Did you print off your “Treat Meal Tracker” this week? (Highly suggest printing off a few for the month for each week and post them on the fridge or your journal Available in MEMBERS area) Did you keep track of your “treats” this week? Did you go over or under? Why did you go over or under? How do you feel about this? Does this help you move toward your goals you set for 2018 or further away?


5. a) What are your excuses this week? Spit them out, all the reasons you didn’t follow through with your plan. (if there is any)



b) Is it really true? Is there any way you could change this around for next week or improve? What can you do today and this week to turn this around? Do you have any ideas of ways you could make sure you stay on track?


6. Have you “Checked In” if you are doing the BFF Challenge? (If not “Checking In” is a great way to stay motivated, on track in a group setting, JOIN the BFF Challenge  as your BONUS when you become a MEMBER of the site. By doing your “Check In” posts you keep others motivated and inspired and as a result YOU get the same benefit!  This is a Challenge YOU against YOU! Join the CHALLENGE Today!


7. How did it go with your workouts this week? Did you have a plan in advance? Did you put it somewhere visible? If you have a plan or are using the BFF Workouts did you hit your target this week? (You might want to put something on your fridge beside your “treat meal tracker” with “Workouts To Be Completed This Week” so you see it every day and remember your goals!) Did you do this months Fit test? Did you do all the Challenge workouts you set out to do this week? How did it go?

If not why not? What got in the way and what can you do next week to make this better?!


8. How much Cardio are you planning on doing next week? Yoga/stretching? Weight training? Any other training you do? (Put that on your fridge or journal where you will see it!) Good luck next week!


9. How committed are you to reaching your goals you set for 2018? On a 1-10 scale? Do you believe you can achieve this?


10. Write down now…In present tense what it is that you wanted to Gain for 2018 like as if you already had it and with a positive note

Ex: -I have awesome abs and it was soo easy

– I eat clean 80-90% of the time and I love eating clean

-I smash my workouts every week

– I love working out and I love my body! I reached my goal weight AND I can easily maintain it.

Good job ladies! Good luck this week and stay strong!


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