Upper Body Workout At Home // Workout Challenges // Exercises To Do At Home

This is a quick upper body workout at home you can do by yourself or with a friend!  You can modify the workout below if you are training at the gym.

No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it! Make sure to get this workout in before the end of next week!

Equipment required

At home: Dumbbells, Fit Ball, a Mat, Resistance Bands, YOU… you sexy-freak! 😉  And a time piece to keep track of your time!

At the gym: Same as above but you could use cable machines instead of using the bands if you like…and of course….YOUR SEXY SELF! 😉

The Workout:

Do this workout  FOR TIME:

Here is a full list of the UPPER BODY WORKOUT AT HOME Challenge from the video:

Do each upper body exercise 15 reps then move on to the next move…

Overhead Press
Bent over Dumbbell flyes
Chest Press inclined with fit fall
Push ups or push ups on your knees
Seated row using a resistance band
Dumbbell lateral pull down
One arm band overhead extension
Triceps push ups or on knees
Big ball biceps curls
Hammer curls

Beginners do 10 minutes
Intermediates do 20
Advanced do 35

If you are a beginner or want to make this less intense…take more breaks!

This Upper body workout at home is a sample of what my Bikini Fit Female Fitness clients do with my Online Training which you can find HERE

Thanks for watching my Upper Body Workout At Home video. Be sure to subscribe for more Workout Challenges coming this month! Most important thing to remember to get the BEST RESULTS get the Brad Pitt Movie going at the beginning of your upper body workout 😉

I wanted to make this workout fun for you and yet challenging! If you try this workout and it’s not hard enough …continue and bump yourself up to the next level. Doing my weekly workout challenges will boost your metabolism and set you up for Bikini Fit success! These workout challenges are designed to go with my Bikini Fit Membership workouts. These are some of the best upper body exercises you can do at home. You can also take this workout to the gym with you and do these workout challenges there.

My upper body workout at home was inspired by many of you asking questions about how to get a good at home workout in for exercises to do at home when you don’t have a lot of time. This is a great way to get a double whammy as you can watch Brad Pitt and train at the same time. Using your time wisely and getting your workout challenges in while watching TV instead of sitting on the couch.


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