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Upper Body Workout At Home // Workout Challenges // Exercises To Do At Home This is a quick upper body workout at home you can do by yourself or with a friend!  You[...]
Quadzilla Challenge // Quad Exercises For a Bikini Fit Body
This is a super intense Quad HIIT Workout! You can modify the workout below if you are training at home[...]
The “Got Abs” Challenge // Ab Exercises For A Bikini Fit Body
Have you always wanted six pack abs? The secret? You have to train, challenge and surprise them so they don’t[...]
Cardio Queen Challenge // Cardio Training For A Bikini Fit Body
This is as advanced a workout as you want it to be!  Check below for beginner and intermediate options. You[...]
Back Exercises For A Rockin Back// Baby Got Back Challenge
Chin ups are one of the toughest exercises for women! If you find doing your own bodyweight too challenging, what[...]